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Support your favorite local businesses

This is a hard time for local businesses. Now, there’s a way to support them. Pledge to help your favorite ones now with whatever you can give, so they can still be in business after we all get through this.

Recent pledges

Dustin pledged $100 to Classy Cleaners in Santa Monica, CA

Tracy pledged $25 to Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus, OH

Jack pledged $10 to Sipper's Bar in Monroe, CA

Elana pledged $50 to Words Book Store in Maplewood, NJ

Carl pledged $40 to Capital City Florist in Boise, ID

Elyse pledged $200 to RoseRoom Salon in Brentwood, CA

How it works

Search for your favorite local business

Think about which ones you’d usually visit: restaurants, bars, hardware stores, florists, salons, boutiques, gyms, coffee shops, dry cleaners, and more.

Pledge your support

Not sure how much to give? Pledge any amount you choose. A good place to start is how much you’d spend there in two months if they were still open.

We contact each business

We’ll add up the pledges and let the local businesses reach out to you and their other supporters to collect your generous pledges directly. This way, neither you nor the business pays any fees.

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Local businesses need our support right now. And the way we will all get through this is getting through it together.

For businesses

Click below to claim your business, so we can start connecting you to your loyal supporters.

Frequently asked questions

Does NeighborPledge collect $$ or take fees?

No, NEVER. We do not collect any money at the time of your pledge. We will only give your pledge amount and email address to the local business you pledged to. They will reach out to you collect your pledge.

Do I receive anything in return for my pledge?

No, not right now. The pledge is about recognizing that many of our favorite businesses are closed and unable to operate right now. We are all staying home to be safe and get through this together, but we want those local businesses to still exist when we can all get back to normal life. Your pledges will go directly to the small business (with no fees) and they can use that money to cover bills and stay in business so they are ready to re-open as soon as possible.

How do businesses claim the pledge $$? How do you prevent fraud?

Businesses can submit a claim via our Claim Business form. We will use rigorous verification and other methods to prove that those people own that business before giving any pledge data to them. We have a relationship with Dun & Bradstreet to help reach out to & verify business owners. We will also reach out to businesses once they have received at least $500 in pledges to help them get the $$ from their loyal supporters (you).

How does NeighborPledge make money?

We don’t! This site was built by some concerned citizens trying to help local businesses. We don’t take any fees, charge any subscription, or ask for money from supporters or businesses in any way. We just want to connect local businesses to local supporters so that they can stick around for when we all get through this.

Where do I put in my credit card?

We don’t take your credit card and never will. We will simply connect the owners of your favorite local business to you and they will collect the money directly (just like you are swiping your card at their store).

How will the business get the $$ I pledged to them?

After we verify a business owner, we will give them access to only your name, email and pledge amount. They will then reach out to you directly to collect your pledged amount.

How much should I pledge?

Not sure how much to give? Pledge any amount you choose. A good place to start is how much you’d spend there in two months if they were still open. But feel free to pledge less just to show some support, or pledge even more!

Who do you share my information with?

We will not share your information with anyone but the business owners you pledge to. We have a rigorous process to verify these business owners and will not share any data until they can fully prove they are the owners of the business that you have pledged to. Remember, we DO NOT take your credit card or any other information besides your email, so we have nothing else to share.

What is the $500 minimum?

Once a business receives $500 in pledges from loyal supporters, we will proactively reach out to the business owner to alert them. We will then verify the owner and facilitate connecting them to their supporters.